Our work leads to better health care for British Columbians.

We deliver the latest knowledge from home and abroad to champion and support high-quality care for every person in our province. This system-wide impact requires creativity and innovative thinking, which we combine with evidence-informed strategies to shift culture, improve clinical practice and accelerate our partners’ improvement efforts.

We also understand that meaningful change comes from working together. We are uniquely positioned to build strong partnerships with patients, care providers, health leaders, policymakers, senior executives, academics and others. These connections enable us to nurture networks, recognize the needs of our health care system and build capacity where it is needed the most.

If you want to improve BC’s health care system, explore our programs and resources which can help you start today.

We Believe in High Quality & Sustainable Health Care for All.

A patient-centred, innovative, and inclusive approach from the province’s health care system is essential to improving quality of care. Drawing on its resources, relationships and the diverse expertise of its staff, Health Quality BC is at once a leader, an advisor, a partner, a facilitator, an educator and a supporter across a wide spectrum of initiatives.