Health Quality BC is coordinating health system partners to support the adoption of a Restorative Approach in BC. A Restorative Approach is in alignment with our commitments to the In Plain Sight recommendations, the HSO Cultural Safety and Humility Standard, and to demonstrate the continued efforts to enact the Sharing Concerns: Principles to Guide the Development of an Indigenous Patient Feedback Process.  A Restorative Approach is embedded in the Health Quality BC’s focus on patient safety.​ While the journey of defining a Restorative Approach in BC health care moves forward Health Quality BC hold a unique role as a partner on the BC Restorative Circle, and a mandate to support quality care and patient safety. 

The concept of restoring does not imply a return to a previous state of idyllic conditions. A restorative approach examines the ways that human relationships have been minimized or neglected through institutional processes and seeks to restore humanity to dehumanized and dehumanizing processes. A restorative approach is rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being and encompasses a range of terms including restorative justice, restorative responses, restorative practices, restorative learning, and developing a just and restorative culture.


What is a Restorative Approach in Health Care?  

To raise awareness and cultivate a shared understand of a Restorative Approach in health care, Health Quality BC in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the BC Restorative Circle hosted a Restorative Leadership Symposium on November 28th and 29th, 2023, in Vancouver BC. The symposium presentations and panel discussions were recorded and can be viewed following the link below.

What is the BC Restorative Circle?  

The BC Restorative Circle is a collaborative working group working at the intersection of health leadership, patient care and quality, cultural safety & humility and Indigenous-specific anti-racism.  

Founding Member Organizations​


Each organization acknowledges that the work of advancing and embedding restorative approaches in the health ecosystem is essential and that they are a part of this work as much as this work is a part of their commitment to the supporting and providing highest quality of care and services. ​ 

Shared Vision

An enduring and centralized BC Restorative Circle


To undertake and guide concrete action to champion, steward and embed restorative principles and processes throughout the health care ecosystem with the aim to advance restorative, culturally safe approaches to healing and learning after harms.​