We’re hard at work developing the Quality Forum 2025 Program.

For a taste of what we did last year, check out the Quality Forum 2024 program details below.

Quality Forum 2024 Program Details

Learn more about what to expect from each day of Quality Forum 2024.


Program at a Glance

The Program at a Glance provides an overview of the entire event, including the timing throughout the pre-Forum
and main Forum.


Interactive Schedule

The Interactive Schedule provides an in-depth look into each session throughout the event, including session descriptions and speakers.

Livestream Information

As we do every year, we’re making portions of Quality Forum 2024 accessible virtually so you can participate at home. We’ll be livestreaming Health Talks, all plenary presentations, and the debate. So, if you’re unable to join us in person, be sure to visit our website to access programming for free! No registration required.

Livestream Schedule

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

  • BC Quality Awards Ceremony & Health Talks PechaKucha Presentations | 1900 – 2100

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

  • Opening, Territorial Welcome & Coast Salish Anthem | 0800 – 0830
  • Plenary Presentation: Jay Van Bavel | 0830 – 0915
  • Quips, Quandries & Comebacks: A Quality Debate | 1315 – 1355

Thursday, April 25, 2024

  • Opening, Territorial Welcome & Plenary Presentation: Satyan Chari | 0800 – 0915
  • Plenary Presentation: Helen Bevan & Traditional Closing | 1445 – 1600

Pre-Forum (April 23)

Full Day Pre-Forum Sessions

Each year, the pre-Forum day features a number of full-day sessions for participants to choose from. These sessions are an opportunity to bring people together to dive deeper into a specific subject.

Putting Indigenous Perspectives at the Centre of the Care Journey

A holistic approach to Indigenous health and wellness is possible when we put Indigenous perspectives and culture at the centre of the delivery of care. This includes understanding what health and wellness means for Indigenous Peoples.

Join us as we visit Katzie First Nation to learn about cultural safety and local First Nations health programs.

We will also travel to the Fraser Regional Aboriginal Friendship Centre, where we will have a chance to learn and ask questions about holistic health care navigation in an Indigenous context and hear from those at the heart of providing care.

Trailblazing Together: Creating Health Care & Community Partnerships

Improving the health and well-being of a community involves health care organizations embracing the role of community as active, vibrant partners, co-producing health care services and shifting thinking towards health being larger than health care. Join us on this trailblazing adventure where co-production is at the forefront of creating thriving, health and wellness-focused communities through collaborative partnerships.

You will hear case studies of successful partnerships between health care and communities, and participate in interactive activities that focus on tangible actions. We will use examples such as community centres, community groups and casual gathering spaces, delivered by the BC Parks and Recreation Association, that offer many health promotion and disease prevention interventions and support opportunities that help maintain and contribute to improved health outcomes.                                                                                         

We will inspire and equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies for establishing and sustaining effective partnerships between health care professionals and community members.

JCC Pre-Forum: Together We Thrive: Improving Together

Over the past eight years, Health Quality BC has collaborated with the JCCs, a partnership between Doctors of BC and the BC government. We work together to highlight the diverse and varied work of the JCCs and to celebrate what they’ve accomplished through partnerships with other health care colleagues.

This year, the JCC Pre-Forum theme is Together We Thrive: Improving Together. As physicians and health care providers demonstrate the value of collaboration through showcasing a variety of quality improvement (QI) projects, we look to improve opportunities and thrive together to expand and positively influence patient care and the health care system.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from renowned keynote speakers Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa and Dr. Wendy Dean and can also attend quality improvement (QI) presentations, workshops, rapid fire sessions and storyboard displays.

Please view the complete agenda here.

If you would like more information about this session, click here.

Physician funding is available to cover registration and expenses for up to 250 practicing physicians in BC to attend the Pre-Forum (April 23) and the main Forum (April 24 and 25). More details on physician funding coverage can be found here.

Questions? Please email jccpreforum@doctorsofbc.ca.

Health Talks

Our annual Health Talks event is an exciting and inspiring way to end the first day of the Quality Forum. The event starts with a ceremony to recognize the winners of our BC Quality Awards, which celebrate improvements in quality of care.

Next, you’ll hear from a diverse group of speakers representing a range of professions and perspectives who will all answer the question: What are your hopes for health care?

Main Forum (April 24 & 25)


The main Forum programming will once again feature a variety of sessions on topics related to improving quality across the continuum of care.

You can look forward to a mix of interactive workshops, focus sessions, field trips, plenary speakers, rapid fire presentations, storyboards and more!

Download the Program Matrix to review the available breakout sessions.

Quality Forum 2024 Plenary Speakers

We invite thought leaders from around the world to be plenary speakers at the Quality Forum so they can share their unique knowledge and health care quality experience with our audience.


Jay Van Bavel

Jay is a professor of Psychology & Neural Science at New York University and the Director of the Social Identity & Morality Lab. From neurons to social networks, Jay’s research examines how collective concerns—group identities, moral values, and political beliefs—shape the mind, brain, and behaviour. His work addresses issues of group identity, social motivation, cooperation, implicit bias, moral judgment, decision-making, and social media. 


Satyan Chari

Satyan is an occupational therapist with two decades of experience in various practitioner and leadership roles in health care quality, safety and improvement. He is a respected voice within health care on human factors, resilience engineering and safety innovation. Satyan is a vocal advocate for the greater inclusion of human-centred design and contemporary systems approaches in major reform efforts underway in health care today, seeing these are critical to future progress.


Helen Bevan

Helen has led and facilitated many nationwide initiatives to improve care, including cancer services, urgent and emergency care, services for people living with dementia and care in the community. She now focuses on approaches that mobilize and build energy and commitment to change on a very large scale. Helen is one of the top social influencers in health care globally, reaching more than a million people each month through her social media connections, virtual presentations, commentaries and blogs.