Culture. It’s “the way we do things around here.” It’s the normal or expected attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that you share with your colleagues. In health care, culture influences how well we work together, how well we communicate with each other, our dedication to safety and, ultimately, how well we care for patients.

Positive shifts in workplace culture are linked to improved system-related and clinical outcomes, reduced adverse events and increased patient satisfaction. These shifts also have tangible benefits for health care providers, teams and organizations by reducing work-related conflict and stress, fostering team communication to lessen harassment and bullying and improving job satisfaction and perceptions of working conditions1. To foster these shifts, we support and lead a number of culture change activities. Explore these pages to learn about our culture initiatives and how you can join us in shifting culture to support positive changes.

Resources to Improve Your Group’s Teamwork & Communication

Measuring Culture to Inform Action Report Cover

Measuring Culture to Inform Action: A Rapid Literature Review

We all shape the cultures of organizations and teams we work within by how we communicate and interact with our colleagues. These cultures influence “the way we do things around here” which is why improving them has been linked to better system-related and clinical outcomes, reduced adverse events and increased patient satisfaction1. But before we can improve cultures we need to measure and understand them, and there are many resources available to help do so. Some of our partners recently shared a need for research which could identify the strengths and best practices of common measurement tools. So we jumped…
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Culture Change Toolbox

The Culture Change Toolbox is a collection of tools and interventions for changing culture. It’s full of ideas, examples, and exercises. For each tool there are tips on how to apply it and a description of which components of culture it helps to improve. The Toolbox was released in 2014, so we thought it was time for a refresh to make it even more useful. The new version includes:
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ATTIC: Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change

Do you need interactive activities that can help your team accelerate improvement in health care and beyond? Check out our new resource, ATTIC: Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change. ATTIC is a collection of activities that you and your team can use to build teamwork, develop communication skills, enable creative thinking and innovation, and help explore systems. They’re free, downloadable, and a lot of fun. We’ve launched the website as a result of tremendous feedback we’ve received for our print ATTIC cards, which have been distributed at many of our workshops and learning opportunities. Now they’re available for everyone to use, whenever and wherever you need a dose of innovation!…
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Areas Where We Improve Culture