Health Talks is our annual evening event that takes place on the first day of the Quality Forum. It’s a perfect activity for anyone seeking an inspirational end to their day – you don’t have to be a Quality Forum participant to attend!

The event starts with a ceremony to recognize the winners of our BC Quality Awards, which celebrate improvements in quality of care.

Next, you’ll hear from a diverse group of awesome speakers who will all answer the question: What are your hopes for health care?

As a Powered by PechaKucha event, Health Talks’ speakers don’t use presentations full of bullet points. Instead, they use the PechaKucha presentation style, which is a visual storytelling platform that simplifies the artful process of inspiring others. The 20×20 format is short and simple: each presentation contains 20 photos and each photo is displayed for exactly 20 seconds before automatically advancing to the next one.

2024 Health Talks Speakers


Jaigris Hodson

Canada Research Chair in Digital Communication for the Public Interest

Royal Roads University

Jaigris Hodson is the Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Digital Communication for the Public Interest. Her SSHRC and CIHR funded research examines the ways that misinformation can be mitigated through digital communication efforts, particularly those targeted at the research community. Thus her current work examines such interdisciplinary topics as educational interventions to address COVID-19 related misinformation, the online harassment of diverse researchers, the discourses of conspiracy theories, and ecological approaches to understanding misinformation in a modern context.


Jared Basil

Cultural Educator

Jared is a Cultural Framework Educator with the social sector of the Ktunaxa Nation. His work consists of cultural safety and humility trainings, presentations, as well as continuous educational opportunities derived from the Nation’s Social Sectors Practice Framework. In conjunction with education, Jared continues to work with health partners to develop culturally safe spaces with the hope and intention of impacting and benefiting future generations. His work also reaches education institutions in creating meaningful opportunities to learn about Cultural Safety, creating long lasting relationships that translate to strong, healthy conducive working partnerships moving forward.


Trevor Stokes


Streetfront Alternative Program

Trevor has been teaching at the Streetfront Alternative Program since 1999. Under his leadership, Streetfront has become a world leader in motivating and inspiring at-risk youth, producing the largest cohort of high school marathoners in the world and leading the Street2Peak Project on expeditions across 5 continents. He believes that all students can find success when supported and cared for.  

Alex Halonen

Registered Nurse

Interior Health

Alex was born and raised in Northwestern Ontario and moved to Kelowna in 2017 to pursue a career in nursing. He is completing a Master of Science in Nursing at UBC Okanagan and his research focuses on pediatric COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. Alex works as a Patient Care Coordinator in the inpatient surgical department at Kelowna General Hospital. He has been involved in several quality improvement projects and has a particular interest in positioning frontline staff as drivers of change. Outside of work, you can find Alex hiking, playing volleyball, and wine tasting.


Cameron Lee (2024 Student Contest Winner)

Grade 11 Student/Research Assistant

St. George’s School/Sanatani Lab

Cameron is a Grade 11 student attending St. George’s School. He enjoys competitive hockey and plays rugby on the St. George’s 1st XV rugby team. When Cameron was 8, he was diagnosed with an ureteropelvic junction obstruction, necessitating surgery at BC Children’s Hospital. After a successful surgery, Cameron was inspired to explore the healthcare field and is a volunteer researcher at the BC Children’s Hospital Cardiac Electrophysiology Research Program. Cameron is honoured to speak about his medical experiences and the importance of active play in the health care system.


Coco Miller

Regional Lead of Indigenous Partnerships and Community Collaboration

Northern Health

Coco comes from the northern communities of Thornhill, Kitselas, Gitanyow, and Gitseguekla, having lived all her life in Thornhill. She is Gitxsan, Irish, and Tsimshian from the grouse clan of the house of Skogum Laxha. She loves people and has served her local communities in the areas of family development, natural resources, mental health, community engagement and emergency services. Some of her academic background includes areas of study in public health & social policy, human development, emergency response, and natural resources. The areas of work that bring her the most fulfillment are supporting opportunities that bring people together to learn from one another and develop solutions creatively to bring about the best ways forward – together. She was taught this by her two wonderful parents who have modeled serving their surrounding community with excellence along with a host of mentors she is so grateful to have learned from.

Jonny Morris


Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division

Jonny Morris is the CEO at the Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division and has more than 20 years of experience in community-based mental-health services, policy and advocacy. He has research and practice experience in suicide prevention, is a trained counsellor and has taught child and youth care courses at the University of Victoria and Douglas College.

Jonny is committed to a vision of mental health for all, working at the Canadian Mental Health Association to lead system change efforts in preventing mental health problems, responding to crisis and improving care when people need to go to hospital. As an advocate for reducing stigma, he regularly speaks with workplaces, colleges, universities and communities about the opportunity to ensure mental health is a priority.

Previously, Jonny led the policy and legislation branch for BC’s Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, helping build the newly formed ministry from the ground up. Jonny comes at his work with lived experience personally and as a family member

We’re Getting Ready to Launch our Quality Forum 2025 Health Talks Student Contest

Health Talks Student Contest

An individual or team of students will share their hopes for health care as part of our annual Health Talks event at Quality Forum.

We’re Getting Ready to Launch our Quality Forum 2025 Health Talks Student Contest

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About Health Talks Student Contest

An individual or team of students will share their hopes for health care as part of our annual Health Talks event, which takes place on the first evening of Quality Forum and is a Powered by PechaKucha event. PechaKucha is a style of presenting ideas, knowledge and passion in an easy and memorable way. This format is simple, visual and short: 20 images x 20 seconds.

2024 Student Contest Winner


Cameron Lee
Grade 11 Student/Research Assistant
St. George’s School/Sanatani Lab

Concept and Message (15)Is there a central vision or message that responds to a challenge within the system? Is the hope inspiring/engaging?
Creativity of Message Delivery (15)Is the message presented in a creative way?
Potential Impact (10)Does the hope have potential to impact the health care system?
Quality of Submission (10)Is the hope presented in a clear and concise way? Is the video and production quality high? Is the sound clear? Is the camera steady? Are the mixed-media project’s materials well-designed and easy to navigate? Are there typos? Are there minimal spelling and grammatical errors, jargon and acronyms?

Once you have your idea, tell us about it using any of the following formats:

  • Video (maximum 3.5 minutes)
  • Essay (maximum 500 words)
  • Design concept, photo, poem…

Surprise us!

All students in British Columbia: Post-secondary, high school, elementary school –are welcome to apply

Share Your Hopes for Health Care at Quality Forum 2024

Students, apply today for your chance to share your hopes for health care as part of our annual Health Talks event at Quality Forum 2024.

Apply by December 31

Students, apply for your chance to share your hopes for health care.

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