Brett Hodson Health Quality BC

Brett Hodson

Director, Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement

Brett joined Health Quality BC in May 2018 in its role as Secretariat for the Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement. Prior to this, Brett worked for 10 years as a Manager in Public Health at Island Health, where he gained experience leading public health information systems deployment and public health practice support, along with the day-to-day operations of public health services to children, families and other members of the community. Brett also has valuable experience working with community partners supporting health promotion initiatives that reorient primary health care services upstream and strengthen community action on the social determinants of health. Brett worked with his provincial public health colleagues on the provincial Communicable Disease Policy Committee, Immunization Committee, and Panorama Steering Committee.

Brett’s interest and passion for quality improvement arose from an identified need to take a more systematic approach to improving the quality of public health services at the local level. After graduating from the Quality Academy, Brett engaged his teams to develop their skills in the application of the Model for Improvement to increasing access to child health clinics, immunization rates, and post-partum depression screening, among other initiatives.

Brett has a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion from the University of Alberta, and has continued his education by completing courses in Behavioural Economics, Six Sigma, Practical Improvement Science in Health Care, and Project Management.

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