Kate McCammon

Leader, Strategic Initiatives

Kate joined Health Quality BC in May 2023 as a Strategic Initiatives Leader with the Administrative Burdens Working Group. Kate moved to British Columbia in November 2020 after over a decade working in private ophthalmology clinics as a national surgical technician trainer, business analyst, and technical writer. Before joining HQBC, she led a team of Site Coordinators that supported the implementation of 45 primary care clinical pharmacists across British Columbia. 

Kate is passionate about the intersection of people, process and technology and uses her experiences across healthcare settings to offer solutions that streamline the experiences of healthcare professionals while prioritizing quality care and patient safety. Working in an environment where people were awake and undergoing surgery provided a unique opportunity to understand how the smallest details impact a patient’s experience. Working in the private sector also offered the chance to see what healthcare can look like with less red tape. She looks forward to reducing barriers for patients and healthcare providers through the Administrative Burdens Working Group.

Kate completed her Bachelor’s degree in History at Wilfrid Laurier University and immediately dove into healthcare. She has since completed certifications in Technical Writing, Ophthalmic Assisting, and Medical Device Reprocessing. She looks forward to continuing to work on her Business Analyst certification. Outside of work, Kate loves to travel and spend time with her partner, their dog, and their two cranky cats.

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