Sarah Park

Health Data Analyst, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives

As an analyst, Sarah works with data – cleaning it up and making it bite-sized and relevant for interested parties. She has worked extensively in clinical research at Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in various areas, with the ultimate goal to improve quality of life in older adults managing chronic conditions. Sarah comes from an academic perspective with a strong passion for knowledge exchange. She values knowledge dissemination both through traditional means, as well as through creative outcomes to prioritize implementation in clinical practice.

At HQBC, Sarah is inspired by the breadth and depth of the projects that are undertaken by everyone involved. There’s a great deal of work to be done in healthcare to improve quality and accessibility for everyone, and she is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these projects, advocating for data and measurement throughout the entire process. From identifying clear measurement plans to developing data-driven and actionable reports for new initiatives, Sarah loves all things data!.

Sarah brings enthusiasm for lifelong learning, a collaborative mindset, and a passion for caffeine! Outside of work, she enjoys staying active, including playing volleyball, paddling, dragon-boating, and outrigger canoeing, all year-round!

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