Contributed by Louise Joycey, on behalf of the New Vista Society.

The New Vista Society owns and operates the New Vista Care Home, a 236-bed licensed, accredited residential care facility. We provide professional care and support services for our residents in a home-like environment.

Built in 1975, the New Vista Society Care Home is a four-storey low rise building located in a beautiful, quiet neighbourhood in the Edmonds area of south Burnaby. Modernized in 1993 and continually upgraded to meet today’s standards, our Care Home accommodates seniors needing complex care. We believe it is crucial to receive resident input whenever possible, and to ensure a home-like, non-institutional environment at New Vista.

As a part of Releasing Time To Care (RT2C) New Vista has created a vision statement which is meant to outline what the team would like to accomplish. All staff,  including Support Services had input into the development of vision statement. Their vision statement is:

“Our flexible team will strive to provide a safe and warm home for our Special Care residents. Care is Person Centered, where families are heard and valued. Respect will be given as well as received. Our goal is to trust and support each other in a loving and gently manner.”

For their Change Day BC pledge, they will continually strive to uphold their vision statement. Their pledge is being used to highlight their pledge and vision to ensure all staff and residents are aware of the vision.

Does your long term care home have a vision statement? Do all staff and residents know your vision? We are encouraging all long term care homes to either join our pledge to uphold your vision and if you don’t have a vision we encourage you to form one and communicate it widely!