Through the two public health emergencies, a heat dome, fires, floods and protests, people working in health care have faced an incredible amount of stress over the past few years. To express our immense appreciation and to honour their experiences, we reached out to hear the stories of those who have been working on the front lines of health care from around the province. They shared with us what it has truly been like for them.

We unveiled their stories at Quality Forum 2022 in the video Caring Unmasked, which had a far greater impact than we imagined. We heard from many who said this film made them feel seen, acknowledged and appreciated.

Many asked for the video to share with colleagues, friends and family, and we recognized the importance of sharing Caring Unmasked with a broader audience. We hope this film is shared widely, is a meaningful tool for teams to reflect on the past few years and helps to foster collective healing.

While watching this film can be incredibly healing for some, it can also be difficult for others. Caring Unmasked raises a range of emotions, and it may be useful for your audiences to know this ahead of time.

Through Caring Unmasked, not only did we want to bear witness to the past few years, we were also seeking a way to say thank you – we hope that message comes through loud and clear.

Together we will heal, and we will emerge stronger.