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Read About Their Hopes for Health Care

We’re excited to introduce you to our Health Talks Student Contest winner and runners-up! These students shared their innovative hopes for health care in various engaging formats. Our winner, Judy So, will share her hopes as one of eight speakers at Health Talks 2022!

Winner – Judy So

Humanizing Health Care
University of British Columbia | Year 2, Doctor of Medicine ProgramAcknowledgements:
Lydia Kang – Creator of myBooklet BC
Esther Lee – Research Supervisor

Runner-Up – Stephanie Quon

Accessible Technology in Health Care
University of British Columbia | Year 3, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

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Runner-Up – Helen Hsiao & Jacquelyn Wang

Addressing Stigma on Patients with Substance Use Challenges Among Health Care Providers
University of British Columbia | Year 1, Diploma of Education
University of British Columbia | Year 4, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Helen and Jacquelyn describe the stigma on patients with mental health and substance use challenges among health care providers in an interactive video. Through anecdotes and visuals, the two illustrate the severity of the issue among staff working with some of our most vulnerable populations and highlight some consequences of these negative attitudes on overall patient care. Some solutions proposed include implementing further relevant education within health care professional training and increasing Indigenous representation in policy-making efforts.