Names are powerful.

They are more than just a label. They connect us to our identity, giving us and others a sense of who we are and where we belong in the world. Our name represents everything we stand for – an important link to our history, and at the same time a sign of who we aspire to be.

A name is the legacy you leave to the world and it tells an important story of who you are. So it’s no small decision when someone chooses to change their name.

For the past 15 years, you’ve known us as the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Today, and every day moving forward, we are becoming Health Quality BC.

Why the change?

Well, some of it was for practical purposes. BC Patient Safety & Quality Council and its acronym BCPSQC are real tongue twisters – long and difficult for people to remember and say. Health Quality BC, or HQBC, is easier for partners in care to remember.

But more than that, this change affirms our identity and our place in BC’s health care landscape. It more succinctly reflects what we do – because what’s really important to know is that while our name is changing, we are not.

Our goal and purpose remains constant: We relentlessly pursue the provision of quality health care that is sustainable for all British Columbians. We are uniquely positioned as BC’s health quality experts – the ones others turn to when they want to ensure patients receive the safest, highest-quality care, every time. And quality has many dimensions – it means care that is respectful, safe, accessible, appropriate, effective, equitable and efficient.

That’s the legacy we want our name to represent. That’s our identity. We are proud to help people deliver high quality care in BC.

We are Health Quality BC.

Health Quality BC HQBC Stacked Logo Charcoal