Few things are more invigorating or rewarding than being amongst your colleagues, sharing knowledge and soaking up the same. We missed that connection and feeling of community during the pandemic years – but with the return of Health Quality BC workshops, we can once again gather to elevate our skills and drive excellence in quality health care – together.

Now, you might think that your plate is already pretty full, and adding a workshop might not be feasible. However, there are plenty of great reasons to make time for a Health Quality BC workshop. Here’s our top five:

1. At Health Quality BC workshops, you’ll learn from BC’s health quality experts

Workshops offer short, hands-on training in small group environments. At our Health Quality BC (HQBC) workshops, you will learn from subject matter experts who are both teachers and practitioners in quality improvement initiatives across the province. This brings together best practice with the best available evidence.

2. It could help your career grow

Workshops are an opportunity for professional development. Adding new skills and certifications helps open doors in a participant’s career – whether it’s a promotion in their current role, or a new career opportunity altogether.

3. You’ll expand your network

Attending workshops is a good opportunity to meet new people and expand business circles. Through networking, participants hear about new ideas and experiences and learn from other people. New programs, new partnerships, and sometimes new career prospects (see above!) can be discovered, all within a local and provincial context.

4. It’s good for you – and for your patients

Taking time from the day-to-day to participate in a learning opportunity is good for the soul. Brainstorming and generating ideas among like-minded learners is inspirational, and many participants leave feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to bring their best selves back to their workplace. That translates into better health care and health outcomes for patients.

5. You’ll have fun!

At HQBC, we want to make sure participants in our workshops leave the day having learned something about health care quality. But we also know that people won’t absorb knowledge without the right learning environment. It can’t be dull. It must be fun! So, you can expect to have a little fun at our workshops, too.

Learn More About Our Workshops

Through our workshops, learners build knowledge, skills and confidence in a method, tool or technique aimed at improving health care quality.

We welcome administrators, clinicians, directors, leaders, project managers and patient partners, among others, to join us.