The medical imaging system is playing a key role in British Columbia’s response to COVID-19. Currently, chest CTs and X-rays are only necessary to evaluate patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and show signs of complications.1

Care providers should refer to guidelines from the BC Centre for Disease Control on if a test is necessary.

The Medical Imaging Advisory Committee, a provincial group that provides expert advice and recommendations to the Ministry of Health to support continuous improvement in medical imaging, is developing resources about the role of imaging in diagnosing and managing COVID-19.

In response to requests for care providers to conduct chest CTs and X-rays, the committee developed a poster that radiologists and medical imaging departments can print and display. It supports patients and physicians in helping contain possible spread of COVID-19 while conserving resources and supplies for when they’re needed most now and in the future. It also promotes physical distancing and key resources about symptoms, assessment and testing.

Furthermore, as patients return to hospitals for radiology appointments, health care staff anticipate anxiety and concerns around safety. The committee has developed a resource to help patients know what to expect and feel safe when they arrive for their appointment.

Medical Imaging Advisory Committee

The Provincial Medical Imaging Advisory Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Ministry of Health to support continuous improvement in medical imaging. Members include:

Committee Chairs & Members

Dr. Monty Martin
BC Cancer Head, Department of Radiology
Co-Chair, Medical Imaging Advisory Committee
Carolyn Rudden
Ministry of Health Director, Medical Imaging Strategy
Co-Chair, Medical Imaging Advisory Committee
Dr. Alan Andrew
Vancouver Island Health Authority
Dr. Kevin Beckner
Interior Health Authority
Dr. Simon Bicknell
BC Radiological Society President
Dr. Heather Bray
BC Children’s Hospital
Dr. Alison Harris
Vancouver Coastal Health
Guidelines & Protocols Advisory Committee
Dr. Saqba Farooq
Northern Health Authority
Dr. Bruce Forster
University of British Columbia
Dr. Emil Lee
Fraser Health Authority
Dr. Sandra Lee
Guidelines & Protocols Advisory Committee
Dr. Jonathon Leipsic
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Dr. Doug McTaggart
Guidelines & Protocols Advisory Committee
Jennifer Elliot
Providence Health Care
Lori House
Vancouver Island Health Authority
Colleen Kennedy
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
Susan Larson
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Sharon Manship
Diagnostic Accreditation Program
College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC
Tim Rode
Interior Health Authority
Lisette Vienneau
Northern Health Authority
Ken Winnig
Provincial Health Services Authority