The objective of this 1.5 hour project session on December 1, 2022 was to understand the challenges with implementation of safe inhalation, develop ideas to improve the services & spread, as well as explore ways for community partners to support the sites.

We heard from the following presenters about their safe inhalation programs, including Blake Stitilis with the BC CDC, who spoke about the provincial safe inhalation guidelines.

  • Cowichan CAT – Cailey Foster, CAT Peer Coordinator
  • Cowichan CAT – Jessica Huston, Cowichan Valley Wellness and Recovery Center
  • Sechelt CAT – Sean Ramsay, CAT Project Coordinator
  • Nelson CAT – Tiffany, REDUN Peer Coordinator
  • Vancouver, Atira Women’s Resource Society – Tamara Straiton, Program Manager

Small Group Discussion Notes – December 1, 2022

Breakout Group Discussion
Explore ideas for how communities & CATs can support safe inhalation, overcoming barriers and improving these services! Below are some of the shared messages:

  • “This tent saves lives.”
  • Difficulty reaching people using alone.
  • Have representatives do advocacy with public relations, etc. Development of a campaign and playbook for addressing the challenges.
  • Use support letters from CATs to show support for OPS in your community.
  • Involve the public to understand more, and educate municipal leaders & policy makers, to make it possible to find places for sites.

Graphic Recording – December 1, 2022

Session Recording – December 1, 2022