The objective of this 1 hour session on January 19, 2023 was to share achievements and strengths of the CATs over the past year.

We heard presentations from the following CATs:

Small Group Discussion Notes – January 19, 2023

Breakout Group Discussion
What are you proud of from 2022 and what has enabled progress with your CAT?

Port Alberni CAT, Peer-Led Social Media Campaign

Peers were asked what message they’d want to share with others who are still actively using substances. This resulted in them designing a series of memes for a social media campaign. They came up with their own Peer Approved logo as well. These are being printed on posters, which the peers will distribute throughout the community. Other CATs are welcome to use these images and can contact Ron Merk for more of the files to share.

Session Recording – January 19, 2023