Developed by a multi-CAT working group to leverage intercommunity collaboration for the provincial spread of safer supply (see poster). The toolkit can support CAT members to take the next steps towards improving safer supply in their communities. It is focused on engaging partners, developing relationships and improving providers’ support with safer supply programs.

View the CAT Knowledge Exchange Safer Supply Project Session videos with Dr. Christy Sutherland for May 19, 2022 and July 14, 2022, including the graphic recording.

Download the CAT Safer Supply Project Toolkit

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Part 1, Overview Handout

  • An overview of what safer supply is, who can access it and program success factors.
  • The handout provides background understanding of the evolving and growing evidence from safer supply programs; it is not clinical guidance.
  • This material is derived from a National Safer Supply Community of Practice resource.

Part 2, Project Activities

  • Included are four CAT project activity examples to get you thinking about how you can bring people together to improve access to safer supply in your community.
  • Consider your available assets in developing your CAT project in a way that best suits your specific community.
  • These projects utilize the other parts of the toolkit.

Part 3, Talking Points for Health Providers

  • The talking points may help you address commonly heard concerns about safer supply in your conversations with health providers.
  • This is not meant to be prescriptive clinical guidance, but could be used to explore how communities can support clinicians with safer supply.
  • Conversations can allow for doubts while developing community partnerships.

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