The objective of this 1.5-hour capacity building webinar on August 17 2023, was to learn about effectively recruiting and retaining CAT membership. A Recruitment & Retention Skill Sheet was co-developed by CATs, which provides helpful step by step activities and resources, such as:

  • Community Asset Mapping to identify who can be engaged locally.
  • Recruitment Planning to specify the benefits to potential members and to clarify what is expected of them.
  • Ongoing Feedback Processes for members to inform improvements.
  • Onboarding New Members sets a solid foundation for participation.

The webinar highlights experiences of the CATs while going over the skill sheet, with small group discussions.

Small Group Discussion Notes – August 17, 2023

  • Describe issues your CAT has with retention. How could retention be improved?
  • Describe issues your CAT has with recruitment. How could recruitment be improved?

Session Recording – August 17, 2023