This award was formally named “Staying Healthy”. Our Excellence in Quality category names changed in 2020 to reflect the updates to our BC Health Quality Matrix. Visit our Categories and Criteria page to find out more.

The ICU interdisciplinary team consists of the following:

  • 40 RNs
  • 5 CNLs
  • 15 RTs
  • 5 Intensivists
  • 3 Units Clerks
  • 1 Team Leader
  • 1 Educator
  • 1 Physiotherapist
  • 1 Dietician
  • 1 Pharmacist

Contact: Sue Goulding, Health Care Team in ICU, Richmond Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health,

Building this initiative from the Safer Healthcare Now! resource bundle, the Richmond Hospital Intensive Care Unit Interdisciplinary Team prevented blood stream infections, achieving Zero Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections for 24 months.

Nominated by: Ms. Sue Goulding, Program Manager Critical Care and High Acuity, Richmond Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health