This award was formally named “Living with Illness”. Our Excellence in Quality category names changed in 2020 to reflect the updates to our BC Health Quality Matrix. Visit our Categories and Criteria page to find out more.

Shared Care Committee Co-Chairs

  • Kelly McQuillen
  • Dr. Gordon Hoag

Executive Sponsor

  • David Thompson, VP Seniors Care & Clinical Support Services, Providence Health Care

Physician Leads

  • Dr. Robert Levy, Professor, Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia Physician Program Director, Ambulatory Care Transformation Providence Health Care
  • Dr. Garey Mazowita, Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • Providence Health Care

Team Leadership

  • Margot Wilson, Director, Chronic Disease Management Strategy (Project Manager)
  • Helen Roberts, Change Specialist
  • Camille Rozon, Change Specialist
  • Clay Barber, Shared Care Committee Liaison
  • Carol Gillam, Executive Director, Primary Care, VCH
  • Physicians, Specialists & Family Practitioners
  • Patient Representatives, Members of the Patient Voices Network
  • Clinical/Administrative Leadership, Team members from the PHC chronic disease clinical areas
  • Liz Flores, Quality Improvement Specialist
  • Scott Lear, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

In addition to the project team, all clinic staff and FP Medical Office Assistants are integral to the successful implementation of the recommendations.

Contact: Margot Wilson, Director, Chronic Disease Management Strategy, Providence Health Care, Providence Health Care,

Description: The Shared Care Partnership initiative works to facilitate collaborative shared care management for patients with chronic complex conditions.  Better communication among health care staff and between staff and patients has simplified the patient journey, helped to improve population health and controlled or reduced per capita cost.

Nominated by: Dr. David Thompson, VP  Seniors Care & Clinical Support Services, Providence Health Care, Providence Health Care