Ideas Scoring & Selection Criteria

Ideas describe innovative thinking, promising practices or emerging ways of how to improve health that are too young to have results. You can seek input, inspire collaboration or spark action at an early stage.

Submissions for the ideas category are scored using the rubric below. We recommend reviewing the rubric carefully before submitting your abstract to ensure you select the appropriate category and include all necessary information in your submission.

Context & Relevance (15)The context in which the work was undertaken or how the idea came to be is clearly stated (what unit/department/community) and the problem or opportunity it seeks to address is identified. The proposed presentation has broad appeal in terms of educational merit and is likely of significant interest to Quality Forum participants.
Intervention (10)The new work practice, way of engaging providers, patient partners and others or idea on how to improve care is clearly described, along with any assumptions made and challenges or lessons learned to date.
Potential/Actual Impact (10)The extent to which what is being described may potentially impact or has already impacted quality or experience of care for patients and/or care providers.
Originality (15)The extent to which what is being described is highly innovative, new or different to what is known to have been previously tried in practice or presented at a past Quality Forum.