Outcomes Scoring and Selection Criteria

Outcomes are initiatives underway or complete with demonstrated results and lessons that can be shared. Projects do not have to be considered a success – there are always valuable learning opportunities!

Submissions for the outcomes category are scored using the rubric below. We recommend reviewing the rubric carefully before submitting your abstract to ensure you select the appropriate category and include all necessary information in your submission.

Context & Relevance (15)The context in which the work was undertaken (what unit/department/ community) is clearly defined and the aim(s) of the work is outlined. The proposed presentation has broad appeal in terms of educational merit and is likely of significant interest to Quality Forum participants. The problem or opportunity is clearly stated, including a description of how it was identified.
Intervention (15)The activities undertaken to respond to the problem or opportunity are described, including providers, patient partners and others who were involved and how changes were tested and implemented.
Measurement (10)The measurement/evaluation strategy is described, including attributable results to date.
Lessons Learned (10)Any challenges faced and how they were addressed are shared, along with lessons learned and plans for sustainability.