• Quality Forum 2019

A Quality Debate: Should Health Care Performance Data Be Public to Advance Better Care?


At Quips, Quandaries And Comebacks: A Quality Debate, four great speakers argued for and against this important – and divided – motion related to improving the quality of care in BC’s health system:

Be it resolved that… health care performance data should be public to advance better care.

“FOR” Team

Jeffrey Braithwaite
Professor, Macquarie University, Australia
Board Member & President Elect, International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUa)

Tamara Komuniecki
Patient Partner, Patient Voices Network
Council Member, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council


Ahmer Karimuddin
Specialist, General & Colorectal Surgery, St. Paul’s Hospital
Co-Director, General Surgery Residency Program, University of British Columbia

Maria Judd
Vice President, Programs
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

The Quality Forum’s annual debate is meant to incite discussion and challenge commonly-held beliefs about a timely health care topic. We have assigned the debate’s speakers to their teams; their positions do not necessarily reflect their personal views on the debate topic, nor those of their respective organizations.

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