• Quality Forum 2016

Chanteya Waterman & Hannah O’Donnell: These Two 11-Year-Olds Have Big Dreams for Health Care


We asked best friends Chanteya Waterman and Hannah O’Donnell to tell us about their hopes for health care. On February 24, 2016, Hannah and Chanteya taught us what it means to dream big – no matter your age – with their three ambitious hopes.

Eleven-year-olds Hannah and Chanteya took Change Day BC by storm, travelling throughout their school, community and Fraser Health to generate hundreds of pledges.

Chanteya likes to knit, play outside with her dog, and go to the park with family members. She loves riding her bike. She has two sisters and one brother, and lives with her mom and dad as well as a sister, cousin, aunt and grandpa.

Hannah wants to be a vet, and she loves riding horses, doing crafts and making cupcakes. She wants to have five dogs when she’s older. Her favourite colour is blue.

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