Clear Wave 3 Final Webinar: Cannabis and Celebrations!

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On May 16, 2019, the final Clear Wave 3 webinar: Therapeutic Cannabis Use and Dementia Webinar and Clear Virtual Celebration, was held. As the Clear initiative is coming to a close, teams, Faculty, Partnership Alliance members and supporters came together to celebrate their accomplishments over the past 18 months. There were team celebration videos, and teams saw their data accomplishments and met their health authority leads.

Celebration videos were presented by the following teams:

Yucalta Lodge
Rotary Manor
Eden Gardens
Therapeutic Cannabis Use and Dementia

Guest speaker: Dr. Nouha Ben Gaied, Director, Research and Development at Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies.

Dr. Ben Gaied talked about therapeutic cannabis use and the growing use of cannabis as an alternative. Dr. Ben Gaied also addressed some of the myths that surround the use of cannabis for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

You are required to enter a password to view the recording. Please contact us at clearbc@bcpsqc.ca to request a password.

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