Clinical Care Management: 2014 Accomplishment Report


From 2010 to 2016, we supported change management and provided leadership within the Clinical Care Management (CCM) initiative, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the province’s health authorities.

CCM aims to ensure patients receive high quality, evidence-informed care by embedding continuous clinical improvement into everyday practice across the health system. CCM is patient-centered and system-wide,  and engages patients as well as families.

Through CCM we helped the system reduce clinical variation and implement best practices by developing inter-professional networks, communities of practice and improvement collaboratives. In long-term care, for example, medication reconciliation is now performed reliably 96% of the time, reducing the risk of medication errors for residents.

The CCM Accomplishment Report celebrates some of our collective achievements through the stories of patients, families and caregivers.

Clinical Care Management: 2014 Accomplishment Report