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Lillian Chen & Tina Cheng – How Do We Engage More Young Health Leaders?


Lillian Chen & Tina Cheng
Entry-to-PharmD Student (Candidate 2022) & Master of Public Health Student (In progress), University of British Columbia

Lillian and Tina are the winners of this year’s Health Talks Student Contest!

Lillian is a Doctor of Pharmacy student at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about innovative approaches to knowledge translation and education for both patients and providers in improving patient health outcomes. As a future health care provider, Lillian believes effective, tailored, and engaging communication is the first step to providing high-quality, equitable care that is accessible to all patient populations.

Tina is a Master of Public Health Student at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about health care quality improvement and equity in access to health, particularly for vulnerable populations. She was part of several unique public health research groups throughout her time at UBC and had the chance to do quality improvement research. As a public health advocate, Tina believes effective communication is essential for knowledge translation, patient engagement, and bridging research to policy.

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