• Substance Use

LOUD in PC Webinar – Optimizing Wellness in the MHSU Space – June 20, 2024


This webinar focused on wellness for those who are involved in OUD care in the primary care setting. We were joined by leaders in this space and prescribers in the community, who shared their experiences and expertise.

Learning Objectives
After the webinar, the learner will be able to:

  1. Discuss some of the impacts on wellness for those supporting OUD care.
  2. Identify strategies and actionable steps to help optimize wellness.

Key Moments:

  • Panel Introductions
    • Alice Virani, Executive Director, Clinical Ethics and Spiritual Care Service, PHSA 0:04 – 5:45
    • Greg Hemminger, Tailgate Toolkit Harm Reduction Program 6:13 – 11:33
    • Tammy McLean, Nurse Practitioner, Interior Health 12:34 – 19:02
    • Tandi Wilkinson, Emergency Physician, Interior Health & Lead, Thriving Project, RCCbc – 19:27 – 27:21
  • Q&A
    • How can I start a conversation about moral distress with my team? 27:46 – 29:25
    • What could debriefing look like in the MHSU care space (after a challenging case, day, etc)? 29:30 – 32:12
    • What strategies do you use to maintain your energy while sharing difficult experiences as a person with lived experience? 32:18 – 37:07
    • In my role I have limited coverage and feel bad stepping away to take longer breaks. Any advice on taking smaller/micro-breaks that help you? 37:13 – 40:43
    • What are some important considerations when supporting people with lived/living experience and peer workers in clinics? 40:49 – 43:28

Resources Shared:

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