LOUD in Primary Care –  LOUD in PC Webinar – OAT in Primary Care: Prescribers Joint-Connect – Apr 16, 2024


As part of the LOUD in PC Collaborative, HQBC hosted two webinars in April for both prescribers and non-prescribers focused on the current state of the toxic drug crisis and how to best support clients who are seeking substance use disorder services. This webinar focused on supporting OAT Prescribers in the Primary Care setting.

Key Moments

  • What is one piece of advice or resource you’d share with someone who is first prescribing OAT? (0:00 – 9:18)
  • How do you deal with same day appointment needs, or different appointment needs for non-OAT patients? (9:19- 17:03)
  • Aside from access to counselling and social work, what other community resources have been useful to you and your patients with OUD? (17:04 – 25:10)
  • What OAT tools do you have embedded in your EMR? (25:11 – 29:10)
  • How have other organizations implemented cultural-based healing within their OAT program? (29:11 – 32:16)
  • Do you have any one-pager resources that you have referred to (or found very helpful) consistently in practice? (32:17 – 35:29)

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