LOUD in Primary Care –  LOUD in PC Webinar – OUD & OAT for Non-Prescribers in Primary Care – Apr 18, 2024


As part of the LOUD in PC Collaborative, HQBC hosted two webinars in April for both prescribers and non-prescribers focused on the current state of the toxic drug crisis and how to best support clients who are seeking substance use disorder services. This webinar focused on supporting Primary Care team members who are non-prescribers and looking to increase their knowledge about opioid use disorder, available treatments, and effective harm reduction strategies.

Key Moments

  • Toxic Drug Supply Crisis in BC Overview (0:00 – 6:02)
  • OUD Treatment & Harm Reduction Summary (6:03 – 20:02)
  • Why is it important for all team members in primary care to be involved in the safe care of people who use substances? (20:03 – 33:19)
  • What language would you use with coworkers who stigmatize those with substance use disorders? (33:20 – 37:36)
  • How can we enhance collaboration between OAT prescribers and mental health or other supporting services? (37:37 – 41:51)
  • What courses/training have you found helpful for admin or non-prescriber staff to stay current with their knowledge about OAT without becoming overwhelmed? (41:52 – 47:10)

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