• Quality Forum 2020

Nikos Theodosakis: Movie Making and the Patient Experience


Founder of the OliveUs Education Society, he is the architect of the InStill Life elementary school microfinance initiative and The Director in the Classroom project. His book “The Director in the Classroom: How Filmmaking Inspires Learning” examines connected learning through digital media production in the classroom and is a resource for teacher training around the world.

His Mattering projects invite schools, businesses and organizations to create meaningful visions and projects that matter to its employees and to the people they serve. In his Thinking Like A Film Director workshop, Nikos invites organizations to look at themselves through a filmmaking lens, examining purpose, vision and execution through storyboards, pitches, screenplays and other filmmaking tools and processes.

He has presented workshops and keynotes in Canada, U.S. and Europe and connects around the world from his home in Naramata, British Columbia.

When he dances certain Greek dances, he has been known to break many plates.


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