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Patient Safety Resources

There are many informative reports, brochures and other resources for people interested in learning more about patient safety. Below are links to a selection of these resources.

Bugs and Drugs – Antimicrobial Reference Book (4th Edition)

Source: Capital Health, Edmonton, AB
Bugs and Drugs Handbook

Application of Patient Safety Indicators in Manitoba: A First Look

(June 2006)
Source: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

This comprehensive study from Manitoba examined the incidence of events affecting patient safety and compared the incidence of such events for hospitals and regions around the province.

Healthcare Quarterly — Patient Safety Papers: Special Issue on Patient Safety

(October 2005)
Source: Longwoods Publishing, Volume 8, 2005

The Canadian Adverse Events Study: the incidence of adverse events among hospital patients in Canada.

Author: Baker et al. 2004
Source: Canadian Medical Association Journal, Volume 170 (11), pages 1678-1685

The overall incidence rate of adverse events (AEs) of 7.5% in our study suggests that, of the almost 2.5 million annual hospital admissions in Canada similar to the type studied, about 185,000 are associated with an AE and close to 70,000 of these are potentially preventable.

Governance for patient safety: Lessons from non-health risk critical high-reliability industries – A Report to Health Canada.

Author: Sheps, Cardiff. 2005

Adverse events in any domain arise primarily in the context of “normal people, doing their normal work, in normal systems” and thus often arise from a “drift into failure”. Therefore, the approach to patient safety must engage the whole system of care provision.