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Striving for Excellence Through Connection

Striving for Excellence Through Connection-Health Talks-Quality Forum 2024-Health Quality BC


Coco Miller comes from the northern communities of Thornhill, Kitselas, Gitanyow, and Gitseguekla, having lived all her life in Thornhill. She is Gitxsan, Irish, and Tsimshian from the grouse clan of the house of Skogum Laxha. She loves people and has served her local communities in the areas of family development, natural resources, mental health, community engagement and emergency services.

Some of her academic background includes areas of study in public health & social policy, human development, emergency response, and natural resources. The areas of work that bring her the most fulfillment are supporting opportunities that bring people together to learn from one another and develop solutions creatively to bring about the best ways forward – together.

She was taught this by her two wonderful parents who have modeled serving their surrounding community with excellence along with a host of mentors she is so grateful to have learned from.

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