Teamwork and Communication Action Series Evaluation Report: Cohorts 3 & 4


In response to ongoing requests from teams in British Columbia’s health care system, we launched the third and fourth cohorts of our Teamwork & Communication Action Series in March 2019 and October 2020, respectively. The program introduces teams to behaviours required for effective teamwork and communication along the continuum of care. Non-technical skills such as how we communicate, how we respond to the environment around us and how we work together in a team are crucial for achieving high-quality patient care.

The third Action Series was a 13-week series and the fourth cohort ran for 15 weeks. Both series were improved following feedback and lessons learned from previous cohorts and offered interactive learning sessions, coaching sessions and action periods supported with an activity guide for individuals and teams to apply their learning.

The purpose of this evaluation is to examine participant feedback as well as changes in participants’ knowledge and behaviours related to teamwork and communication. Where possible, it also compares outcomes across all four cohorts of the Action Series.

This evaluation strives to learn from the following questions:

  1. What was the engagement level of teams in the Action Series?
  2. Did participants gain new knowledge related to teamwork, communication, building trust and navigating conflict?
  3. What immediate- and medium-term impact did the Action Series have on the way participants worked as a team, communicated, built trust and navigated conflict?
  4. What changes could be made to the structure of the Action Series that would improve its impact in the future?

Teamwork and Communication Action Series Evaluation Report: Cohorts 3 & 4