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Webinar 11: Leading with Culture in First Nations Community Contexts


Webinar 11: Leading with Culture in First Nations Community Contexts

 First Nations in BC have practised traditional healing and wellness since time immemorial. Today, traditional wellness approaches have a vital role in improving overall health and wellness for First Nations. Services that are consistent with First Nations values and principles and reflect First Nations models of health and wellness are an essential attribute of quality health services.

​Elder Virginia Peters will share what traditional healing and wellness means in her region and what is important in delivering traditional wellness programming as a part of providing culturally safe services for First Nations. Dr. McDonald will overview what the FNHA has been hearing from Elders, Health Directors, and traditional healers across BC over the last few years.

Virginia Peters is the Elder for the First Nations Health Directors Association and has worked in First Nations health programming since 1972. She was the Health Manager for St’ailes for many years and will speak to how her community has integrated traditional healing and wellness into their health programming. She firmly believes that culture and spirituality are the key to healing and rebuilding the strength of our families and communities. Including culture and traditional healing into health programming is a part of providing culturally safe services for First Nations.

Dr. Shannon McDonald is the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the First Nations Health Authority. She works with regional health authorities and partners to ensure high quality, coordinated and complementary health services are being offered by their organizations and the FNHA to First Nations peoples in BC. Dr. McDonald reports on population and public health issues that require a collaborative and coordinated response, and leads communications on any that require immediate action.​

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