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Webinar 4: Intergenerational Trauma and Institutional Avoidance


​Webinar 4: Intergenerational Trauma and Institutional Avoidance

On January 4, Dr. Evan Adams from the First Nations Health Authority presented Intergenerational Trauma and Institutional Avoidances.

At this year’s National Health Leaders Conference, 73% of delegates voted Indigenous Health as Canada’s top health care priority. There is no question that the country is paying attention to the unacceptable health gaps between First Nations and non-Aboriginal.

Reconciliation is an essential dimension of improving healthcare quality; only, too often reconciliation is viewed as focusing on the injustices of the past. In this webinar, hear from Dr. Evan Adams about how reconciliation is an everyday act that physicians can undertake to ensure greater cultural safety for Indigenous clients. We’ll review communication styles and everyday practical tips that physicians can take today to make the health care experience safer.​

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