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Webinar 5: Pursuing Cultural Safety


Webinar 5: Pursuing Cultural Safety

On February 3, Carol Peters and Dina Lambright from Fraser Health presented Pursuing Cultural Safety – From Unearthing Bias to Realizing Reconciliation

The politics of acknowledgement come to the fore in Fraser Health’s Indigenous Cultural Safety debrief circle sessions. Facilitated by Aboriginal Health Liaison, Carol Peters, the debrief circle sessions are a training opportunity founded on the principles of inclusivity, respect and intentionality. Through a talking circle, participants undertake a personal and professional journey of self-discovery. In this space, buried biases can be unearthed and intentional practices towards reconciliation may be realized. Join Fraser Health’s Aboriginal Health team as they discuss the challenges and successes of unearthing bias in the health care system and countering tendencies to create cultural risk.

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