On September 30, Doug Cochrane’s time as chair of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council comes to an end. He has held the position since our organization was formed in 2008 and, needless to say, over the past 11 years he’s had a tremendous impact on our staff, our work and our province’s health care system. Leading up to September, we’ll be releasing a series of articles that highlight his time at the Council.

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Chelsea Hochfilzer

We’re proud of our organizational culture. We strive to foster teamwork, respectful dialogue, psychological safety as well as a healthy balance of work and fun. And we pursue excellence every day as we work side-by-side with our partners with compassion and collaboration.

Well that culture starts with Doug, who has led our organization since 2008 with a special blend of common sense and approachability.

“Doug has an incredible way of making each of us feel welcome and important,” said Chelsea Hochfilzer, who has worked with us for seven years. “His warmth, sincerity and dedication have translated into how we collaborate with each another and our partners. They’re felt in the deep sense of ambition and responsibility we have in all aspects of our work. Through Doug’s leadership we’re able to truly celebrate and find joy in our achievements, without taking our foot off the pedal.”

Putting our best foot forward at the Quality Forum

Speaking of feet, Doug’s shoes are a great example of how he has shaped our culture. Really!

Converse’s Chuck Taylor-style shoe has long been a symbol of change. That spirit speaks to our soul so, before Quality Forum 2015, many of our team members decided to walk the walk. We wanted our shoes to symbolize something different, something new, a visual signal for the change we must see in our system. Many of us wore our best Chuck Taylors – including Doug. He led the way, often wearing his red pair with suits and, in doing so, giving us all the confidence to take such a bold step.

Doug has long been interested in how surgical team culture can impact patient safety so it may not be surprising to hear of his effect on our organization. But according to our Christina Krause, our CEO, it’s something that comes naturally to him.

“It’s the little things he’s always done. It’s welcoming a new team member the first time he has a chance to meet them, it’s joining a staff trivia or murder mystery night, and it’s approaching difficult conversations with respect and sincerity. They add up and influence our entire organization so that everyone contributes to making it a driving force for quality health care.”

Christina Krause & Doug Cochrane

Doug will leave behind many legacies within our organization. Among them, he was the catalyst behind an organizational culture that has empowered the big-thinking and creative problem-solving we need in order to achieve system-wide impact. As Chelsea noted, “We’re going to miss him very much!” 

How has Doug inspired you to drive change in the culture of your team, unit or organization? You can join us in thanking Doug by leaving a comment below. We’ll be saving and sharing them with him.