DateApril 29, 2021
TopicsCouncil Updates

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We believe that engaging patients is key to improving quality of care, and always aim to keep the patient perspective at the heart of our work. This includes through the Quality Forum, our annual, three-day conference which brings together more than 1,250 people to share and discuss how to improve health care.

Each year we offer a few ways for patient partners to guide the Forum’s programming and attend the event as participants. We’re doing the same thing for Quality Forum 2022, but with one change: we’re opening up all three engagement opportunities right now so that patient partners can see all of the ways in which they can become involved and RSVP for the ones which best match their interests.

What Does this Mean?

  • We’re engaging patients across the province in Quality Forum 2022 through three engagement opportunities.
  • Patient partners can RSVP for all three engagement opportunities but preference will be given to those who haven’t already been selected for one.
  • Each opportunity has a unique RSVP deadline.


Steering Committee Member
The steering committee provides guidance and advice at each stage of the Forum’s planning process, including determining its format and flow, identifying key topics and themes, selecting speakers and ensuring a positive participant experience. Read more about the opportunity and RSVP.

  • Openings: 2
  • Deadline to RSVP: May 7 – CLOSED

Abstract Reviewer & Storyboard Judge
Patient partners will help review abstracts in order to support decisions about which projects are chosen to be presented at the Forum. They will also judge storyboards during a reception which takes place during the event on March 2, 2022. Read more about the opportunity and RSVP.

  • Openings: 2
  • Deadline to RSVP: August 11

Forum Participant
We sponsor 20 patient partners to attend the Forum so that they can learn about improving quality of care while sharing their knowledge, perspectives and experiences with other participants. Read more about the opportunity and RSVP.

  • Openings: 20
  • Deadline to RSVP: November 3

More Ways to Participate

Patient partners are also encouraged to submit presentation abstracts when our call for abstracts opens in June, as well as to watch Forum programming live online and on our website after the event. So if you can’t RSVP for one of the opportunities, that’s okay! We hope we’ll still see you another way.