DateJanuary 29, 2021
TopicsCouncil UpdatesPatient EngagementQuality Forum

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Quality Forum 2021 is Patients Included! This means that the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, which organizes the event and administers the Patient Voices Network, is “committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited.”

  • The Quality Forum’s steering committee features two patient partners.
  • Patient partners are invited to participate in a number of aspects of the Forum’s planning and organization through PVN engagement opportunities. This included reviewing presentation abstracts.
  • The Council is facilitating the attendance of 35 patient partners at the Forum.
  • Patient partners were also involved in co-designing workshops and will be presenting in breakout sessions.

You can now view the full program, including complete session details but here are a few about patient engagement:

  • Engaging Lived Experience Online: Learning from 2020, Planning for 2021: This co-designed session explores lessons learned and strategies for facilitating authentic, safe, and culturally appropriate online engagement.
  • Interaction & Collaboration in a Virtual Space: Facilitating and collaborating in a virtual setting is a required skillset that has dramatically increased this past year. In this session, patient partners will explore how to engage with others by interacting and collaborating meaningfully in a virtual space.
  • Sharing My Story: How a Person & Family-Centered Approach Impacted the Cancer Journey of a Northwest Indigenous Patient: Patient Partner Bill Blackwater shares his story as a cancer patient in rural remote BC. His narrative will outline the health care challenges in a rural and remote community, with a focus on how a physician’s approach towards person- and family-centered care and Indigenous cultural humility significantly impacts the Indigenous patients’ experience.
  • Patient & Family Engagement in Critical Care in BC: Engaging patient partners in every stage of this project ensures that priorities for enhancing patient and family engagement in critical care are focused on enhancing the patient experience. This presentation will share the results of the environmental scan and lessons learned, outline the initial priorities identified as well as the actions arising from those priorities.
  • The World of Patient Activation: If Care Is a Partnership & a Partnership Is the Meeting of Equals What is the Patient Bringing to the Relationship?: Join patient partner John Sherber as he shares his thoughts on opportunities we have to be engaged in our own health and for patients to take the term “partners” to the next level with patient activation.