The objective of this 1.5-hour session on June 23, 2023, was to present and share the CAT Safer Supply Project Toolkit, which was developed by a multi-CAT working group. It is focused on engaging partners, developing relationships, and increasing providers’ support with safer supply programs. The toolkit comes in three parts:

  1. Overview Handout – Provides background understanding of the evolving and growing evidence from safer supply programs.
  2. Project Activities – Four CAT project activity examples to get you thinking about how you can bring people together to improve access to safer supply in your community.
  3. Talking Points for Health Providers -The talking points may help you address commonly heard concerns about safer supply in your conversations with health providers.

The toolkit is an internal resource to support CAT members. The complete toolkit is not meant to be sent out directly to external partners. Our goal is to foster collaboration between CATs on these projects and to share learnings. Click here to download the toolkit.

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Small Group Discussion Notes – June 23, 2023

  • What are the assets in your community that can support harm reduction and safer supply?
  • How could you use activities (like those from the toolkit) to connect and harness assets in your communities, for the spread of safer supply? What outcomes could you accomplish together?

Breakout Room Discussion Notes

Session Recording – June 23, 2023