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Since January 2020, Health Quality BC (HQBC) and the Institute for Health System Transformation & Sustainability (IHSTS) have partnered to advance the work of the provincial Type 2 Diabetes Network. We are proud to say that together, over the last three years, we have had many successes.

With this work now firmly established, HQBC has decided to transition full leadership of the Type 2 Diabetes Network to IHSTS who will continue the efforts to reduce the impact and inequities associated with type 2 diabetes. This decision was not taken lightly, but thoughtfully and with much gratitude for what we’ve been able to achieve together. We are collectively committed to the success of a smooth transition and we send gratitude to all the members of the network for your ongoing engagement with this work.

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We work with partners from across the system, including clinicians, researchers, policy makers, educators, innovators, community and business leaders, and patients to improve the course of type 2 diabetes in BC.

We hope you’ll join us to help accelerate improvements in how this disease is prevented and managed by both patients and clinicians by sharing the latest evidence and innovations, developing resources and taking sustainable action to apply new practices in the real world.

Webinar Recordings

The Type 2 Diabetes Network has hosted webinars on a wide range of topics. Listen to the recordings to hear from experts in the field of type 2 diabetes.


Our Resources


Environmental Scan Overview

This document provides an overview of the current context for type 2 diabetes in British Columbia and is based on the Environmental Scan undertaken by the Institute of Health System Transformation & Sustainability. The Environmental Scan is a step towards supporting conversation and collaboration amongst clinicians, researchers, policy makers, population health experts, patients and educators to better enable system-level change around type 2 diabetes.
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Indigenous Self-Determination and Equity in Diabetes

First Nations Peoples experience disproportionately higher rates of diabetes, yet the majority of diabetes services and programs are not designed by or with Indigenous peoples, or consider First Nations perspectives, cultures or approaches to wellness. Many First Nations communities are small, remote, and/or rural, and have limited access to the existing diabetes services. The services that are available through the regional health authorities primarily consider Western medical approaches to diabetes. Thus, there is ongoing need and interest for more information, guidance and strategies to support Indigenous self-determination, equity and quality care within diabetes prevention, management and awareness initiatives. Learning Objectives: View…
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Type 2 Diabetes Dialogue Day 2022

On November 22, 2022, the Type 2 Diabetes Network hosted the Type 2 Diabetes Dialogue – Connecting on Innovation in Type 2 Diabetes. See below for resources and video recordings from the event including inspiring presentations and Q&A sessions.


More past Dialogue Days coming soon.

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