New Training Opportunity Coming to BC

Getting to the Heart of Team-Based Care

Integrated Care Team Training

This new training opportunity is for leaders and teams across British Columbia interested in implementing, advancing and improving team-based primary care in their setting.

This training will be held in partnership with the Southcentral Foundation (SCF), an award-winning medical organization that has developed a “customer-owner” (patient) centred approach to integrated Primary and Community Care that encompasses a range of interprofessional team members working together to support the needs of the community.

The training will apply the learnings shared by SCF to the evolving context within BC.


Creating Team-Based Primary and Community Care

Team-based care is a model of health care delivery where many health professionals work together to support a patient’s needs. A key feature is having patients and their care providers be equal partners.

Implementing this model is a priority in British Columbia, but we know it means a new way of working for many of the people involved. The team-based care website features resources and events that can help, whether you’re a patient, planner or care provider, and whether your team-based care journey is just starting or well on its way.