Training For Clinical Primary Care Teams

Getting to the Heart
of Team-Based Care

Next Training Session is October 9-10, 2024

Integrated Care Team Training

Brought to you in partnership with Southcentral Foundation (SCF), an award-winning medical organization that has developed a “customer-owner” (patient-centred) approach to integrated Primary and Community Care. SCF’s model includes a range of interprofessional team members working together to support community needs.

The training will apply SCF’s learnings to the evolving context within BC.


Why focus on team-based care?

Canada is experiencing a health care crisis, with more than six million people lacking regular access to a primary care provider. Team-based care has been identified as a viable option to support provider satisfaction, decrease burnout and increase patient-centred outcomes.

Why Integrated Care Team Training?

We’re inviting clinical primary care teams to take advantage of this interactive training and support the shift towards a more integrated team-based approach in care delivery.

  • Gain insights from an award-winning medical organization
  • Learn about the “customer-owner” approach to integrated care
  • Apply SCF’s proven strategies to BC’s health care context
  • Improve team collaboration and patient outcomes
  • Access new resources, tools, and practices
  • Enhance provider satisfaction and reduce burnout

The Impacts of Team-Based Care

Percentile on
Decrease in
ER Visits
Owner (Patient)

Source: Southcentral Foundation

Alone, a single health care provider cannot manage all the primary care needs of individuals.

Feedback we received from participants at our first ICT training session in May:

  • Eye opening and inspiring.
  • I wish more of my team was here today! Will definitely recommend.
  • This course did a good job of embodying PCC, moving it from theoretical to practical.
  • Valuable to do this with one’s team.
  • Very interesting to hear details of this team-based care innovation.
  • Excellent presenters!

Who Should Attend this Training Opportunity?

Clinical primary care teams who are leading planning, or working in integrated team-based primary care and are ready to adopt new resources, tools and practices in their own settings.

Why Health Quality BC?

We partner with multiple organizations to support the advancement of team-based care in BC, convening and advising on best practices, in order to spread knowledge across the system.

Key Principles of SCF’s Nuka System of Care

At the heart of SCF’s Nuka System of Care is the belief that the relationship between care team and patient is the most important tool for managing chronic disease, controlling health care costs, and improving the overall health and wellness of patients.

Training Agenda

Day 1

  • Nuka overview including work with teams on the Nuka system of care and barriers to implementation in Canada, and operating principals and Customer Owner relationship.
  • A discussion on current clinic workflows and identification of organizational strengths and areas for opportunity.
  • Quality Improvement (PDSA, Aim statements and drive to change breakout).
  • Change management: including change matrix activity, resistance, Kantor’s four player model activity, and navigating change.
  • Improved relationships through self discovery and reflection.

Day 2

  • A History of ICT, the drive to change and parallel workflow redesign.
  • A discussion of the roles and responsibilities (provider, case manager, behavioural health worker, etc.), huddles, team tools, the stages of work cycle, and best practices of successful ICTs.
  • Discussion on prevention and recovery activities for compassion fatigue burnout, traumatic stress etc.
  • A review of operations and logistics including application of principals, coaching and mentoring, system changes and an activity that demonstrates operational comparisons.

Register Your Clinical Primary Care Team

October 2024 ICT Training Session

Date: October 9-10, 2024

Time: 800 – 1630 PT


Health Quality BC
201-750 Pender St W

Cost: $199 + tax per attendee

Seats are limited – register today!

Teams are defined as two or more people working together in a primary care setting.

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